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Last month, we talked about the benefits of removing PBMs and working directly with local and independent pharmacies. How is this possible? By going straight to the source. Instead of seeking advice from middlemen who make a commission, ECCHIC works closely with experts in the pharmaceutical industry to help create the best plan for every small or medium-sized employer. We do so with the help of a close colleague, David Schermer.

Who is David Schermer?

David Schermer is the founder and President of Windsor Benefit Solutions, whose mission is to help manage Pharmacy Benefit Programs for self-funded groups. Since 1998, he has worked in several National Sales and Executive positions for pharmaceutical companies such as Cardinal Health/Medicine Shoppe, Express Scripts and ProCare Rx. However, Schermer decided to become an independent consultant in 2011 due to the realization that he needed to work directly with employers to control costs, rather than affiliate with PBMs. Sound familiar? 

What Does he Do?

Schermer evaluates self-funded companies of all sizes to provide ideas and solutions that fit their individual pharmaceutical needs. Historically, these types of consultations were a necessity that only large corporations could acquire. But because of companies like Windsor Benefit Solutions and Employers Committed to Control Health Insurance Costs, small and medium-sized employers are now able to receive Rx consultations.

How Does ECCHIC Work with David?

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, ECCHIC relies on Schermer’s expertise to help manage the pharmacy component for employers. In fact, many years ago David was the first and only person who was willing to show small employers how to bypass premiums and get to the PBMs at the time. Ever since then, he has been instrumental in helping the employers ECCHIC works with by offering professional assistance and guidance. Rather than going through insurance companies that mark up prices exponentially, ECCHIC positions employers to work with David, who can find the best value for their needs and mitigate the impact. Together, we find a way to help small employers work with resources in the insurance and pharmaceutical business the same way corporations do.


Large employers have the resources to hire and engage consultants to help them manage their pharmaceutical needs. This is a luxury that most small employers lack. The resources and knowledge David Schermer provides enables us to help small businesses combat their biggest disadvantage…lack of information. With our shared knowledge, ECCHIC is able to create the best coverage plan for every small and medium-sized employer.

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