ECCHIC Makes Lasting Relationships

ECCHIC enjoys strong, lasting relationships – some more than 20 years! We also are grateful for a client retention rate in the 90 percentiles. We take a pro-active approach, and you hear from us as we blog and send out pertinent articles that ensures you stay up on the ever-changing always-complicated world of health care – because like you, we’re independent entrepreneurs.

Howard In Action

Cut Out the Middle Man

In 2008, we chose to go with ECCHIC Group to do our administration duties and cut out the middle man. It has proven to be one of the best decisions we have made as a company.
Cindy Croy
Kahoka, MO

Customer Service Second To None

As a small non-profit with a limited budget, being able to control our costs through claim activity instead of outrageous premiums has been very beneficial. We also have been able to build up a comfortable cushion in our health insurance account, plus add more employees to our group plan without pushing any of the costs back on our employees. We have found their staff to be helpful and prompt with any concerns we have. We believe their customer service is second to none.
Andrea Rowland
High Hope

Works As Represented

We were skeptical at first, so we called six or seven references. They all gave glowing reports of how the program works. Once implemented, the ECCHIC method has worked as represented.
Tom Pullen
City National Bank

Watch Every Dollar

I would rate the knowledge level of where our money goes at 100 percent. We are able to watch where every dollar goes and work to improve that spending each year. Our previous plan refused to share this vital information with us.
Randy Gabel
Eureka Missouri Fire District

A Different Way

ECCHIC has unbundled the process of health insurance. They have taught us a different way of looking at insurance.
Doug Pratt
Gateway Truck Plaza

Keep Premiums The Same

We have been able to keep premiums at the same level and not reduce benefits. I have learned so much about health costs that I have never questioned before.
Debi Saunders
RH Fastener