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You Will Find Stable, Affordable Health Care Costs With Better Benefits Working With ECCHIC’s Cost-Management Team.

We Bring Down the Costs of Employment Health Insurance

I’ve assembled a team of proactive cost managers to focus on showing small- and mid-sized employers how to use the medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance system the same way large employers do to obtain low cost group health insurance. We offer a method that allows you to “Own Your Own Plan” which has resulted in our client groups having:

  • Benefit levels remaining unchanged
  • Budget levels remaining unchanged for up to five years or more
  • Accumulate cash surpluses year to year
  • Unhindered access to doctors of your choice

If you don’t know your cost, you can’t control your cost.

This is so much more than self-funded small business options – we’re about getting you the advantages that large companies get. We help businesses seeking insurance plans that make sense and employers wanting low-price group health insurance all the time. Call us today and we’ll show you how we can help you.

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What They Say

As a small non-profit with a limited budget, being able to control our costs through claim activity instead of outrageous premiums has been very beneficial. We also have been able to build up a comfortable cushion in our health insurance account, plus add more employees to our group plan without pushing any of the costs back on our employees. ”
Andrea Rowland
High Hope