Prescription Cash Pricing Augments Health Benefits

If you are an employer being victimized by high drug costs for your health insurance plans, there is a very worthwhile alternative. If you partner with a local independent pharmacy to arrange “cash” pricing, bypassing the insurance company owned PBM’s, your costs will drop substantially. Not only will your costs drop, but the guidance, help and information that you will get from a professional licensed pharmacist will be far better than what you are getting from insurance agents trained and indoctrinated to sell prescriptions though insurance companies and their marked-up premiums.

Prescription costs are essentially a fixed cost because they are almost all maintenance drugs. The insurance companies like United Healthcare, Blue Cross, Aetna, etc. who now control the PBM’s, are making as much if not more from selling drugs though their bloated premiums than they make just from their bloated premiums. We not advocate bypassing PBM’s and working directly with the independent pharmacies. The attached article share more insight into this subject.

Howard Danzig, President of The ECCHIC Group

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