PBM’s Threaten Community Lifeline of Local Pharmacies

The attached article titled “PBM’s threaten community lifeline of local pharmacies” was sent to us from one of our clients recently. Apparently it was an opinion letter from an Iowa Community. At the end of the letter, the author Dwight Baldwin says, “…we need our elected officials to address this issue…” He references elected officials at the “federal level.” Well that hasn’t worked for decades.

How about looking at local officials. Why aren’t local school districts, local city and county government groups, and any other tax funded entities working directly with local independent pharmacies? Why aren’t local brokers finding ways to do this? Everybody looks to the wrong people. Elected officials at the state and federal levels ARE NOT GOING TO HELP! They talk – they don’t alt! This is a simple fix at the local level for group health insurance plans.

Howard Danzig, President of The ECCHIC Group

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