ECCHIC Webinar - Showing Employers a Better Way To Look At Health Plans

Webinar date: June 19th, 9:00 AM CST

Have you ever felt like… “There has to be a better way to purchase our group health plan…”

ECCHIC, an organization of pro-active cost managers, has had great success in showing smaller employers how to use the insurance system the same way that big companies do. We’ll reveal the secret to considerable savings and how to take control of your health plan benefits, resulting in –

• No increase in benefit budgets for employers for three to five years and more.
• No decrease in benefits.
• Many employers are able to add benefits.
• Detailed knowledge of claims.
• Accumulating cash surpluses.

Date: June 19th, 9:00 AM CST

Among The Reasons for Unnecessary High Health Insurance Premiums is –

Almost every group looks at health insurance premiums, few look past the premiums to delve into actual cost of actual medical and Rx costs. The spread between premium and actual cost is not only eye opening, but in many cases, astonishing.

Too often the actual decision makers (i.e. business owner, CEO, CFO, etc.) are not deeply enough engaged in the process. They are oftentimes marginally involved and rely upon third hand information given to them by mid-management department heads.

The mission of a health plan is to provide a pathway to medical & Rx services to their staff. Seldom, if ever, is a licensed pharmacy or medical professional involved in the process. Unfortunately, everybody has been indoctrinated to go to insurance agents to find solutions to reducing the cost of accessing health care. Why not involve those professionals who actual provide Rx and health care?


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Sandy Hopp
Kahoka, MO