Small Bank, Big Savings: Case Study # 3

By Howard Danzig

Recently at a client workshop, Candy Ginger of City National Bank of Metropolis, Ill, graciously sat down and gave a testimonial about the work we’ve been doing for her financial institution. The video is here, and if you have two minutes, please watch it. First of all – she’s delightful! We’ve become good friends over the years. Secondly, she eloquently describes what we’ve been able to do for the good, hardworking employees at City National.

We’ve been working with them for more than a decade, and in that period, we’ve been able to keep their benefits the same at virtually no increase over the last 10 years. As Candy says in her testimonial, they were previously with a big insurance company and the premiums just kept going higher and higher. That we’ve been able to maintain their benefits and keep costs down over the course of a decade might seem remarkable, but it’s what we do here at ECCHIC. We cut out the middle men that typically add unnecessary cos in traditional plans and give the power of choices and savings to the client.

At ECCHIC, we ensure that businesses OWN THEIR OWN PLAN. If you don’t own it, you can’t fix it!

Our team of proactive cost managers, works with clients like City National Bank, and as Candy says, we do it in a way that is easy and manageable. “When I have a question they get back to me the next day,” she says and we do.

We’ve had great success with small bank clients throughout the Midwest. That entire industry is based on validation and documentation, and yet too many don’t scrutinize the hidden or unidentified costs added to health care costs bundled into insurance companies’ premiums. The real-time per cost per employee for our banking clients can be up to 40 percent savings compared to off-the-shelf plans.

If you’re a smaller or medium-sized financial institution, we’d like to sit down and learn about how you’re currently taking care of your employee’s healthcare needs. In this free consultation, we’ll provide a plan so that you too can own your own health insurance plan. Take it from Candy – we can do for you what we do for City National Bank.

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