Keeping Client’s Informed: Reviews for Our May Workshop

By Howard Danzig

 “These workshops are always very informative, [explaining] with what’s new in the market. The ECCHIC staff is always very knowledgeable and very hospitable. Our organization has benefited from your help and services for seven years. Thank you!”

Andrea Rowland
High Hope Employment Services
Milan & Kirksville Mo

Twice a year we host a workshop for our current clients where we provide updates on what is happening with their insurance programs, and how to stay one or even two steps ahead of this ever-changing world. We held one yesterday, on May 24th, in a meeting room at the Missouri Bluffs Golf Course, and it went fabulously well –

“Very informative! Always enjoy these meetings! Keep up the good work.”

Tammy McDaniel-Ramsey
Clark County Nursing Home

“Good range of topics. Kept the workshop moving well between topics. Best takeaways: All H.C. members are independent purchasing agents with our money; and benefits of working with our local pharmacy on cash sales.”

Gerry Korb
Port Industries
Palmyra, MO

We gather top-notch speakers who are experts in their fields. We had Bruce Canis give a talk on Medicare, Alex Breuer of ADP to talk about general HR trends, Jack Abbott of IPMG spoke on General Administrative Responsibility, and David Schermer spoke about Specialty Drug Costs. I spoke on how “Removing the Middlemen” is more important than ever and Ancillary Benefits among other topics.

“Great speakers, interesting topics!”

Myranda Armstrong
Clark County Nursing Home

“Excellent workshop. It was beneficial to hear from expert speakers about health care costs.”

Lynn Byrd
Legence Bank
El Dorado, IL

One highlight was Dr. Sanjay Prasad talk about market-based pricing, as his group, SurgiPrice is doing amazing work lowering the cost of specific operations and procedures.

“Enjoyed the SurgiPrice presentation and will consider it for our plan. Good insight into other issues.”

Rick Stemler
KAI Design & Build
St. Louis, Atlanta, Omaha

Often, a long-time client has someone new to their company taking over HR duties. Sometimes people are skeptical …

“Our company has been with ECCHIC for seven years. Coming into the company as HR Director/Fiscal Director in 2016, I was very skeptical and questioned further use of ECCHIC. However, the presentations helped me to understand not only all my questions but also to further continue with ECCHIC as well as becoming a new company for SurgiPrice. Came in as an unbeliever and came out as a believer and then some! Thank you!”

Nicole Stegman
High Hope Employment Services
Milan & Kirksville Mo

We especially welcome new-comers or those considering ECCHIC as their option.

“Great Information as usual. The new employee I brought today feels she has really learned a lot! Thank you.”

Tiffany Hill
Burr King Manufacturing
Warsaw, Missouri

“I enjoyed the presentation. I have learned a lot with today’s session. I am looking forward to working with you.”

JoAnn Jordan
Burr King Manufacturing
Warsaw, Missouri

 “This was my first workshop and I found it very informative and gained a lot of information on new programs as well as programs KAI is currently using.”

 Casandra McMahill
KAI Design & Build
St. Louis, Atlanta, Omaha

… and we satisfy more than just a hunger for knowledge …

“The timing of each speaker was good – short but informative. Information in handouts was good. Lunch was yummy!”

Lynnette Lemke
Bandana’s BBQ
St. Louis Area

Others in our field might not feel the need to hold these free workshops for people we’re already doing business with, but we do out of sense of duty. A well-informed client can serve their employees better, and to be able to stabilize benefits at a cost savings, often a significant one, involves as one of our speakers said, “bobbing and weaving” through the jungle of health insurance today.

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