Healthcare’s Raging River: Keeping Clients Informed

By Howard Danzig

Healthcare in America today is like a raging river – always churning, always moving. Sometimes the crew here at ECCHIC feel like we’re white water rafting! But today’s healthcare rules, restrictions, and challenges are something that an employer needs to stay on top of, and we diligently keep everyone we get to work with informed – and above water.

One way we do this is twice a year we hold an informational session. Earlier this month, we held one out at Bogie Hill Country Club. Around 25 clients came out to have breakfast with us at 8:30 a.m., and then from 9:00 to 12:00 we spoke on all the issues that affect their ability to take care of their associates, and those that affect their pocketbook. As you can’t pick up a single newspaper without reading something about state of healthcare in this country, the politics and the business aspect, there is always a lot to go over. The morning session is digested while we serve our clients lunch from Noon to 1:00, and then it’s a Q&A session where they put us in the hot seat! We love it – we get great questions and have a great discussion.

Is this valuable? Here are a few of the comments from this recent session:

“Thank you for the your knowledgeable presentation. You take a lot of stress off of employers by keeping us up on the latest insurance trends. Thanks also for advocating for us. We really appreciate the personal interactions and advocacy, and the fact that as a very small employer we receive the same attention and care as large employer groups.”

–Midwest Messianic Center

“All topics presented were very instructive, relevant, and useful. Thank you and your team. I am glad I came.”

–Electro Plastics, Inc.

“Good and useful information. It’s been a good learning year for us – we’re looking forward to renewing [with ECCHIC].”

–Osage County

Dear Howard & Team: Thank you for hosting these informational meetings! They are very helpful. A special thank you goes to Howard for the personal representation and many hours of phone time with us to resolve an insurance carrier issue. Great job ECCHIC team!

–Clark County Nursing Home

“We always leave with valuable information from these meetings. We appreciate that Howard is so diligent and passionate about helping employers control healthcare costs. Having access to professionals such as David Schermer, Mary Brandmeyer, and Jack Abbot is really helpful. Thank you for hosting this.”

–HMS Enterprise

… and so on.

Of course we appreciate the kind words. But that’s not what this article is about. It’s about advocacy in today’s business environment – frankly, one that is quite hostile to the men and women who lead small businesses.

If we’re not already advocating for you, we welcome that conversation. Give us a call – I promise a lively conversation at the least!

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