Eureka Fire: Case Study #4

By Howard Danzig

We’ve had the privilege of serving the Eureka (MO) Fire Protection District for over 20 years. This is a wonderful group of heroes who live and work just southwest of St. Louis and who protect and serve those in their community (population 11,000). That we can help take care of their health care needs in a manner that doesn’t compromise on care but provides considerable cost savings is certainly an honor we take seriously.

Here is a two-minute video testimony from Brad Dickerson, and his kind words regarding what ECCHIC can provide are humbling. “When we looked at places like Blue Cross/Blue Shield and look at those rates, and compare it to the rates that [ECCHIC]” provides, “it works out well for us in controlling our costs.” As he says, our team of proactive cost managers takes care of providing the kind of discounts available to large companies, and he simply gets a bill from us once a week. Unlike others, this is an itemized bill – because how can you control cost if you don’t know what you’re spending? They can know where every penny is going and can budget and prepare accordingly.

Like other firefighters and similar community municipalities, we have remained superior to private and public sector options. How? We provide them the opportunity to own their own plan. We understand that for taxpayer-funded organizations like this, it’s important to be accountable to the community. Finally, the last thing any of us want is for these heroes who put their lives on the line for us to worry about drastically increased premiums or sudden surges in pharmaceutical costs.

We can do the same for your municipality, fire or police department, or similar group. After watching the Eureka Fire Protection Department story, give us a call for a free consultation and we’ll see how we can help you can tell a similar success story.

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