Welcome to the World of ECCHICology

by Howard Danzig

We’re taking the opportunity of our new website and new challenges to the ever-changing insurance marketplace to relaunch Employees Committed to Control Health Insurance Cost (ECCHIC) by introducing ECCHICology,  which is the science of diminished health insurance costs. This also allows us to renew our commitment to the small business owner, the school district, and the municipalities who continue to struggle with providing health care to their people and seek better solutions.

In the months to come, we will be introducing you to the underlying economics and dynamics of what lies under the surface of health insurance premiums. We will be talking about why small to intermediate-size employers and organizations must have a strategy that goes beyond just having an insurance agent getting quotes. Some years ago, there was a local company whose motto was, “An informed consumer is our best customer.” That is something we ECCHICologist embrace. But in my opinion, the big health insurance companies’ motto seems to be, “An uninformed policyholder is our best customer.” It’s to their advantage to make it seem confusing, if not incomprehensible.

ECCHICology changes that for hundreds of small to intermediate size employers and organizations of all types. Many employer groups who have implemented the ECCHIC strategy have had benefit budgets and benefit levels that have remained unchanged for years at a time; most have saved hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by taking ownership of their own plan. Is what we do magic? Well … some of our clients seem to think it is! But it’s more science and due diligence in tackling this issue in the same manner you solve all the other issues you face every day – by learning all the options and creating a tailored one that makes sense for you. That’s what an ECCHICologist does.

So please become more, acquainted and follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn. Also, contact us at 314-997-8865 or 800-280-0010 and email us at theecchicgroup@ecchic.com. We are based in the St. Louis area, but we serve the greater Midwestern area, and we’d appreciate sending one of our ECCHICologist out your way for a free consultation. We’ll both learn a lot.

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