Is There A Catch To These Widespread Prescription Discount Cards?

We oftentimes are asked about the use of prescription discount cards by our clients or one of their group participants. This past weekend, this article appeared in the business section of St. Louis Post Dispatch. The article, titled “What’s the catch to prescription discount cards?” was written by Alex Rosenberg.

The article pointed out various positive and negative scenarios. Unfortunately, too many people are constantly searching for a magic pill to take the cost of health care and Rx off of our backs. Pharmacies, manufacturers, etc. have to be paid somehow.

There is no better source of information and guidance than the local professional, independent pharmacist. The article even quotes assistant professor of pharmacy, Jessica Robinson, who teaches at East Tennessee State University’s Gatton College of Pharmacy as stating: “…I always recommend going to your traditional mom and pop independent pharmacy and asking them if they can help…”

We have been recommending that for years. We always suggest that groups set up their group health plans in a way to be able to bypass PBM’s and work directly with their local independent pharmacy.

Howard Danzig, President of The ECCHIC Group

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