Clark County Fiscal Court, Local Pharmacist Partner for Cost-Cutting Measures

Team United to Help Employees Lower Cost Pharmaceuticals

Good stories and happy endings are hard to come by these days – especially anything involving health insurance. But the Clark County Fiscal Court in Winchester, KY, who partnered with two local independent pharmacists and local insurance broker Danny Neely of Neely and Wade Insurance, have one: Better pricing on pharmaceuticals from pharmacies in the community positioned to better serve the community. ECCHIC, an organization of pro-active cost managers experienced in showing smaller employers how to use the insurance system at considerable cost savings, laid out the path to a better, smarter system that emphasizes local control of pricing and creates a future of cost management and stabilization that benefits all in the community.

Clark County Pharmacy and HCA Pharmacy are working with Clark County Fiscal Court, Neely and Wade Insurance, and ECCHIC creating a cost-cutting plan.

“Our system is simple, but it depends on a combination of the right players, and that’s what is happening for Clark County Fiscal Court.”

The two pharmacists being connected to this simple, new way of creating pharmacy savings are Nevin Goebel of Clark County Pharmacy and Jamie Ferrell of HCA Pharmacy and Medical Equipment. “Our system is simple, but it depends on a combination of the right players, and that’s what is happening for Clark County Fiscal Court,” says Howard Danzig, President of ECCHIC. “With the right partners, we are able to set a system where local employees do business at the independent pharmacies in a way that allows them to get the big discounts on prescriptions that the big companies do. And because we’re able to connect the customer directly to the pharmacist, that pharmacist can sell discounted product and still maintain their store-sustaining profits. Finally, we believe that people are better served by independent locally owned pharmacists who can provide better, more personal service.” And foot traffic going to their pharmacies are now also buying theirAA batteries, vitamins, Tylenol, and cough syrup there. So, beyond prescriptions, these savvy independents are no longer losing ancillary revenue. “It really is win-win-win.”

Now independent pharmacies are fired-up, and looking forward to establishing stronger ties. And the employees of Clark County Fiscal Court are certainly fired-up by receiving considerable savings. “Our administration consistently searches out way to better serve the community at a lower cost to the taxpayer,” Clark County Judge Executive Chris Pace noted. “We are proud to be on the cutting edge once again, by partnering with Danny Neely and ECCHIC.”

Additional Contact Information:

Danny Neely: 859-744-3857  

ECCHIC: / 800-280-0010

Judge Chris Pace

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