The small town environment is by its very nature a concise marketplace. Yet too often, small businesses and organizations get themselves into a situation that does not make financial or even logical sense (in this video I discuss a case study of what we did for a school district in Kansas that’s in a community of about 5,000 people). We see companies get entangled in these insurance programs that in reality not only charge premium prices for prescription medicines, but actually end up sending their dollars all over the country causing more paperwork and delays. Most egregious is those prescriptions are filled by mail order houses (again at premium prices) instead of being provided by the local independent pharmacist right there in the community.

You have to change the way you use your insurance. There is no justification for an independent pharmacist not working directly with the businesses that are right there in the same community. When we set up these programs, your pharmacist is no longer competing with mail order houses, you’re no longer paying up to 40 percent more for these prescriptions than you need to, and you’re keeping the money in the community. Another big advantage is you take a system that has been depersonalized over the years and personalize it once again. Imagine – getting better care at a better price from your local pharmacist who is also your neighbor.

Please watch the video, and get in touch with me if you have any questions. We are ECCHIC, a proactive team that shows how smaller employers can get the equal treatment in their insurance plans that the big companies – and we love helping small town businesses.