ECCHIC’s New Website

By Howard Danzig

Like so many other good things in life, we do wish it had happened faster, but here’s our new website. It’s designed not only to make it easier for mobile-oriented business owners to find us and access our information, but more importantly, it’s designed to better serve our current customers.

Howard Danzig at a recent meeting with clients.

For our future clients, is focused on what we call “Ecchicology” – “The Science and Magic of Diminishing Health Insurance Costs.” As the madness of the political world’s messing in the insurance world (a world they have no understanding of) continues unabated, we work harder for small business owners to own their own plan. (And no, three billionaires aren’t going to make it easier for us either.) If you don’t own it, you can’t figure out and assess the costs; if you can’t access the cost, you can’t make informed decisions that’ll get your employees the coverage they need at a price you all can afford.

We are coming off a busy period – the end of the year is “re-enrollment” time where we sign up our current clients for another year. We’re blessed that this is an enjoyable time as more than 90 percent of our current clients stay with us.  And with this site, we’re giving them another reason: more articles, more information, more videos, more easily downloadable forms, more updates, the ability to do research to help them to continue to make informed decisions are all now available on this site.

Despite a considerable investment in time and resources, this website will still always be a tool. I still believe that the best way to do business is face to face, and that won’t change. I want to meet with you, hear your challenges, and find solutions. It’s our hope that the new website facilitates that for new and current clients.